Thursday, 28 January 2010

Installation of gtk, gtk2hs, glade and leksah on windows XP

Step 1: Intall ghc
Download ghc 6.10.3 and install it at default destination.

Step 2: Install cabal
Download cabal for windows and install. This didn't work for me so alternately I used the tar file;
pathtofile\ghc --make Setup.hs
runghc Setup configure
runghc Setup build
runghc Setup install
cabal update

Step 3: Install gtk
Download gtk for windows from and install at the default location.

Step 4: Install gtk2hs
Download gtk2hs-0.10.1-win32-installer and download at default location.

Note: Glade is now in the package list.
on prompt write "ghc-pkg list" to see the installed packages

Step 5: Glade Editor
  • Download glade3
  • untar the folder at any location
  • in the bin folder you will find the glade-3 executable file
Step 6: Leksah
Method I: cabal install leksah

Mathod II: Download the Leksah- and install at default location.

Method III:
  • Download the binary source tar from hackage
  • untar and and go to the path and wrtie on cmd prompt
pathtofolder\cabal install
This will give error : cannot find -lgtksourceview-2.0

Solution is given in the Leksah FAQ#12,
pathtofolder\cabal install